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Weekly Goals: Week of 7/28/19

Past Week Summary

My blog from this past Wednesday talked about being overzealous and that’s exactly what I was last week. I was so excited to finally work with JavaScript I didn’t stop to accept the fact that I just don’t know it that well yet.

At first this felt like I was punched in the gut, however, I grounded myself and took a step back. Then, I slowly worked and looked up what I needed so I could get somewhere on my goals for the week.

With that said, let’s go over what I thought I could get done last week:

Last Week’s Goals

  • Start working with Figma
  • Build and practice with JavaScript

Suffice it to say I did not get all of this done. I had 2 bad days last week that I did not get much done and was just in a weird place mentally. That's okay as it happens to all of us. Here’s what I did get done!

  • Started working with Figma ☑
  • Build and practice with JavaScript
    • To-Do List (doMore) - in progress
    • Hamburger Menu on Portfolio Site - researched how best to complete but no code has been written
    • Dark Theme toggle on Portfolio Site - researched how best to complete but no code has been written
    • JavaScript 30 Challenges - completed the first 2 days

That’s all I was able to accomplish this week. Am I upset with it? Eh, not really - I was a bit at first on Tuesday but that’s okay.

I also did some research on creating a new resume as I am changing careers and had a feeling that a resume for that would be more involved - sure enough I was correct!

Moving Forward

So I was too ambitious within my current skill set and knowledge of JavaScript. That’s fine as it only drove me to learn more. The resume research was something extra that I’m glad I did and am looking forward to completing it next week.

Speaking about next week, what is on tap for me you ask?

This Week’s Goals 7/29/19 - 8/4/19

  • Finish doMore
  • Continue learning Figma
  • Create a new resume
  • Go over creating a mobile menu with my mentor
    • Implement a hamburger menu on my website
  • Attend my first meetup
  • Continue doing 1 part of the JS 30 Challenge each day
  • Write 2 blogs - Monday and Wednesday releases

A bonus for me would be to start working on the dark theme toggle, however, that may have to wait.

So I’ve got a busy week planned, on top of normal life of course which I always want to remind you is okay to have. I always encourage taking a break, avoiding burnout, and enjoying yourself!

What do you have planned this week? I want to know what it is both in and out of coding.

As usual, feel free to comment down below or you can always reach out to me on Twitter.

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Tina Bu

Love this post. Enjoy your meetup!

theryanfurrer profile image
Ryan Furrer

Thank you!!

I'm really looking forward to it and will of course be writing about it

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