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✨ thetealpickle πŸ“±
✨ thetealpickle πŸ“±

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[VIDEO] Bugs and Debugging #TFHDailyStandUp ep3

EP3: TFH DAILY STAND UP TIME!!!! In today’s stand up I talk about bugs and debugging

πŸ› 🐜

Bugs are like the crumbs you drown in when you’re eating a Nature Valley granola bar. The moment you take the first real bite, they’re everywhere.

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Love the history lesson ⏳ Always wondered where the term came from!

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Jess Lee

These are so fun!!!! Loving the bite sized content and your energy and the graphics and everything!

thetealpickle profile image
✨ thetealpickle πŸ“±

Yass!! I'm glad you're enjoying them ❀❀