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My Top 5 Resources to Learn Internet of Things

Hello Developers,

It's been a while since I shared something useful with the #DevCommunity. I have been learning so many new technologies like IoT, AR, VR and making projects with them.

One of the very interesting technology we have is Internet of Things.

As per definition, It means,

Internet of Things describes the network of physical objects β€” β€œthings” β€” that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.

In short, You can remember - Giving Internet to the things around you.

It can be lights, fans in your house or anything which has the potential to be remotely utilised.

I have prepared a list of resources which you can also use to get started in Internet of Things. Here are the top 5:-

1. An Introduction to Programming the Internet of Things (IOT) Specialization by Coursera.

This is a Programming based Coursera course which is free to enroll into! Coursera has good quality of videos and fine syllabus coverage.

Here is the link to the course -

2. Introduction to Internet of Things by NPTEL India.

On NPTEL, which stands for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning, You can learn IOT for free from experts of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur which is recognised as an Institute of National Importance.

Here is the link to the IoT course by NPTEL which is available to view on youtube too -

3. Arduino Projects | Full Tutorial by Youtuber, IndianLifehacker.

This is an amazing playlist with easy to understand and implementable tutorials. You will actually learn a lot from it.

You can access it here -

4. Wifi based home automation system over cloud using Arduino by Microcontrollerslab.

These are short yet detailed tutorials. The website in itself offers great guides on Arduino.

Link to resource -

5. Home Automation Using Google Assistant by @myengstuffs on @Hacksterio.

For my college project, I made this one and it was super fun to build. The videos are insightful and really good.

Here is the link to it -

I hope that these resources will help you learn Internet of Things as they did for me. For all the IoT resources, I would recommend you to take a look at the full resource page which has a lot more tutorials of IoT.

If you know of any resource, let me know as well :)

Have a good day!

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