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Computers are incredibly powerful machines, capable of performing amazing feats like playing competitive chess, serving thousands of web pages, or making millions of complex calculations in less than a few seconds. But deep down, computers are actually really dumb. Computers can only do exactly what we humans tell them to do.

We tell computers how to behave using computer programs, which are just sets of instructions for the computers to follow. Without programs, computers can’t do anything at all!

Meet Javascript
Even worse, computers can’t understand English or any spoke. Language. Computer programs are written in programming language like Javascript. You might not have heard of JavaScript before, but you’ve certainly used it. The JavaScript programming language is used to write programs that run in webpages. Javascript can control how a web page looks or make the page respond when a viewer clicks a button or moves the mouse.

Sites like Gmail, Facebook and Twitter use JavaScript to make it easier to send email, post comments, or browse websites. For example, when you’re on twitter reading tweets from @thewebguyy and you see more tweets at the bottom of the page as you scroll down, that’s JavaScript in action.

You only have to visit a couple of websites to see why JavaScript is so exciting.

  1. Javascript lets you play music and create amazing visual effects.

  2. Javascript lets you build tools for others to make their own art.

  3. Javascript lets you play and code fun games.

Why learn Javascript?

Javascript isn’t the only programming language out there --infact, there are literally hundreds of programing languages.
But there are many reasons to learn Javascript.

Why? Because:
It’s a lot easier and more fun to learn than any other programming language. But perhaps best of all, in order to write and run JavaScript programs, all you need is a web browser like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox. Every web browser comes with a Javascript interpreter that understands how to read JavaScript programs. Once you’ve written a Javascript program, you can send people a link to it, and they can run it in a web browser on their computer, too!

You can check out more about Javascript in your free time.
If you need help or a teacher to help and assist you, you can connect with me. I'm always ready to help.

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Temani Afif • Edited

please tag your question correctly. Java is to JavaScript what Car is to Carpet. The CSS tag is also irrelevant