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Stackoverflow Survey Thoughts

It's hard to get very far in development without encountering StackOverflow. It's likely one of the most universal tools among all developers across the world.

If you're not familiar with the StackOverflow developer survey, you really should check it out. Because of the ubiquitousness of StackOverflow, their developer survey has a significantly high amount of validity (90,000 people responded). It also helps us break a little bit out of our "thought bubbles".

This year's survey is as full of interesting results as it is comprehensive. I'm going to take a moment here and break down what I think are some of the most interesting and surprising results.

1. jQuery and JavaScript still rule the world

For all the talk we make about Angular being around forever, and React is all that anyone uses anymore, the reality is that jQuery is the most used web framework (I know it's a stretch to call it a framework, but go with me on this)



Web Frameworks:


2. For the first time, React is more used than Angular (see the chart above)

Most people will be surprised by this since it seems like everyone already thinks that React is the only web framework used, but the reality is much different. Another example of thought bubbles.

3. Rust is the most loved language by its users

Rust has a CLEAR lead on all other languages as the one most loved by those who use it. I guess I should spend a bit more time learning Rust? Good thing Thinkster has a Rust course coming out soon!!


4. Devs fear VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

I totally get this. I've done VBA.


5. VS Code is the most dominant winner in any category

This is the "most loved IDE" category. VS Code has such a strong lead over the next item. No other list has a single winner that has such a huge lead over the pack. Microsoft has created a fantastic tool with VS Code and really solved problems that developers truly have. Not surprising that they created #1 and #2 in this category.


6. Almost nobody is using Blockchain

Even though nobody can stop talking about it. I'm glad the cryptocurrency hype seems to be wearing down a bit.


7. Devs like their jobs (not much of a surprise here IMHO)


8. Devs change jobs quickly

Most programmers have changed jobs in the last 2 years. I had 20 different jobs the first 20 years of my career as a professional developer. At some point, I will write about the benefits of managing your career like this.


9. The tech & the language is the most important job factor

I get this. For all the lip service we give to things like culture and flexible schedule, many of us are simply driven by shiny new toys.


10. Most devs want to work in the office

This one surprised me quite a bit. "where do you want to work":


11. If you're all about the Benjamins, learn Clojure

Clojure is the best paying language. By a very reasonable margin. more than 10% higher than the #2 language.


12. Most devs enjoy development

This is not so much surprising as just interesting to ruminate about. I love the idea of a world where people work in jobs that they would do as a hobby. 4 out of 5 developers spend time coding as a hobby. That speaks really well to not only the passion of most developers for their job, but also the state of the world today.


Hope you enjoyed these highlights. When you get some time, go review the survey results yourself.

Happy Coding!

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vsfarooqkhan profile image
Farooq khan • Edited

FYKI, This was last year's survey .
2020's StackOverFlow's developer survey is not released yet.

marcusatlocalhost profile image

With jquery you get the job done the old school way. A html file, a js file and short, easy to remember dom selectors. No build process and all that crap. I still like to use it (or cash-dom which is smaller) because at the end of the day you start to write helper functions anyway, so you don't have to write document.querySelectorAll() all the time.

isajal07 profile image
Sajal Shrestha

Hi Joe, I was wondering why are you glad about the declination of cryptocurrency hype and Blockchain? 🤔

josepheames profile image
Joe Eames

because I think there's too much hype. I'm glad for the actual use of it, but it seems to contain a lot of Acai berries...everyone said they were going to fix everything...

mdhesari profile image
Mohammad Fazel

Thank you man