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The 20 RxJS Operators You Absolutely Need To Know

I've done a fair amount of RxJS in the last 3ish years. And in that time I've learned something very important: RxJS is complex and confusing.

I've often struggled with RxJS. I get Promises, and I've heard the old adage "RxJS is just a better version of promises" but it's really not. It's SO much bigger than that. It's a really powerful toolkit for writing reactive code. And when I finally had my eyes opened to some of the power of being able to use RxJS to create a reactive application, I had one of those moments like when the little girl in Jurassic Park says "It's a Unix system, I know this!" (hehe)

But I still find so much of RxJS difficult to grok. One of the things I personally have trouble with is all the various operators.

So that's why I'm excited to be able to offer you a cool PDF: "The 20 RxJS operators you Absolutely Need to Know" created by Mike Brocchi, an RxJS genius. You can get the PDF by clicking the big red button below.


Happy coding!

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Rxjs is definitely a master piece ;)