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Create a User Group In AWS IAM

Ajit Singh
Angular Collborator | Frontend Developer | Currently learning AWS
Updated on ・1 min read

In the last post we created a user but now we create user groups. User groups are used to manage AWS a group may contain certain permissions and everyone belonging to that group has the same permissions. AWS allows a user to be added to multiple groups.

Lets create our first group

  • Go to AWS IAM console same as in the last article.

  • After that select user groups from the sidebar.
    Select User Group

  • Click on create group to create a new group.
    Create group option

  • Select the name of the group, the users you want to add to the group and the policies you want to attach to this group and click on create group. A group is created.
    Create group instructions

  • Now you can add or delete users from a group by clicking on that group and adding users to it using the add users option.

Deatil group view

Add user to group

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