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CSS Tip: learn CSS the easy way!

Do you want to learn CSS? Are you lost in all the courses, tutorials, and online stuff? The code is too long, the explanation is too boring, and it never works!


Don't worry! I have the solution for you:

One minute to learn CSS 🤯

How ??

You are probably thinking it's impossible but it's possible! Take one minute to learn one CSS Tip per day and ... that's all!

I created THE website for this 👉

CSS Tip is a micro-blog where I am sharing simple tips that you can read in less than one minute. Each tip comes with a demo so you can easily play with your discovery.

What are you waiting for? Got check that website before everyone else! There are already more than 60 CSS Tips ready for you! To not miss the new Tips use the RSS feed link with your favorite RSS reader.

Where to start? There are a lot of CSS tips, I am lost...

I also have the solution for this! Click this link and I will redirect you to the CSS Tip you need. I have developed an advanced AI that reads your mind, detects what you know and don't know about CSS, and gives you the next CSS tip you need to know.

You don't trust me? You think it's fake? Click and try!

Learn CSS the easy way!


Let's be serious now and stop the "grifter-clickbait" introduction 🙃

I have been sharing a lot of CSS Tips on Twitter (and I still do) so I decided to collect most them and have a kind of archive. is born!

A simple website, easy to navigate where you can find all kinds of CSS Tips. I also have an RSS Feed so you can easily get the new CSS Tips.

The website will keep growing so if you don't know where to start you can get a random tip using the following link:

Surprise yourself with a new CSS Tip!

The "one minute to learn CSS" was a lie??

No, it's true. All the tips are simple and short. You can read them in less than one minute. This said, I sometimes link to a relevant article to get more detail. You can get a tip in one minute but you will need more than that to grasp the logic of some concepts. There is no magic method to learn CSS fast. Even if you read a small tip per day you have to spend time trying the code, reading the doc, etc

Go check my CSS Articles if you want some deep diving into a few CSS concepts

Do you know that I have a big collection of CSS loaders? 👀

DEV added new reaction icons so if you already liked my post go add some 🤯 🙌 🔥

Stay tuned for another collection! Not about loaders but something even better 🤩

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sergeyleschev profile image
Sergey Leschev

With more than 60 CSS tips already available and growing, this website is an excellent resource for beginners and experienced developers alike.

maame-codes profile image
Maame Afia Fordjour

Posts like this is so helpful, especially to us beginners.

dannyengelman profile image
Danny Engelman

Cool! I have joined all tips so I don;t have to click anymore:

afif profile image
Temani Afif

It's on the bird app so Retweet to spread the word 🔥

jvmdo profile image
João Oliveira

Do you plan the release a newsletter?

afif profile image
Temani Afif

I don't think so. I tried before and I was not satisfied.

1link profile image

now you have substack notes to try