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Dynamo DB - Hands On

To create a new dynamo DB table follow the instructions below:-

  • Go to the DynamoDB service. Click on create table.
    Alt Text

  • Add table name and primary key. For example I used TutTable as name and id as the primary key. Click on create.
    Alt Text

  • Now you will see a screen with details of Dynamo DB table

Alt Text

  • Now we will add some items to see how DynamoDB works. To do that go into items tab and click create item Alt TextAlt Text
  • Add some fields like name, gender. To add click the plus symbol do append and add the type of data you want to add and click on save. So you added an item to your database Alt TextAlt Text
  • Create another item and this time just add the id. you need not all all fields his is how NoSql database work.
    Alt Text

  • You will see two items with different data
    Alt Text

  • After that delete the table. So, that there are no additional charges.
    Alt Text

Next we will study about some more databases available in AWS for various other use cases.

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