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Comparison table of 5 datepicker web components

I usually tested web components in my free time. This time, I tested some datepicker components and figured out I should make a short comparison table. The comparison includes some features, as well as, indicates which browser they are functioning properly (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Edge, IE11). Mobile testing was performed on iPhone X.

There is also a more detailed blog version of these five datepicker components.

If you like this kind of blog, share or comment so I will make more of those in the future.

name Mobile I18n Arrow Keys Library Working
calendar-element Polymer#^2.0.0 C,S,O,F,E,I
range-datepicker Polymer#^2.0.0 C,S,O
app-datepicker Polymer#1.9 - 2 C,S,O,F,E,I
vaadin-date-picker Polymer#^2.0.0 C,S,O,F,E,I
mp-calendar Polymer#^2.0.0 C,S,O,F,E

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