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5 Web Discoveries Which Are Pretty Awesome

This is my second post in the series 5 Web Discoveries, in which I want to share great web resources with you. If you want more, just have a look at Turtle community (, where you can find handy tools for developers which will make your life a lot easier.

1) CyberChef - One webapp for all those little annoying tasks in your everyday dev life

This tool ( allows you to quickly perform recurring tasks during development. Date conversion, encryption, hashing, image manipulation, parsing and many more. Just think of it as a single GUI, which puts the most used algorithms in programming at your fingertips. I use it very often to quickly convert from/to base64 or for unix timestamps.

2) Explainshell - Quickly understand what your shell command is really doing

Have you ever wondered what again tar -abcdefghijkl... was doing? Explainshell ( let's you just type in your shell command, disassembles all the options, parameters and arguments and matches them to their explanation from the help texts. So with this tool there is no more grepping through man pages or help texts. In most cases I use it to lookup the many options of rsync.

3) Bundlephobia - Check the weight of your npm packages before including them in your project

Performance matters, especially for your website. This tool ( lets you quickly check the bundle size of every npm package. When looking for some nice npm package, which does some particular job I always check the impact on my project. Sometimes they bring in so many dependencies that you'll want to consider alternatives.

4) Dicebear Avatars - Open source avatars for your website

These avatars ( are very handy if you need an initial placeholder image for your users. This package exposes an API and let's you choose between different styles of SVG avatars (robots, humans, initials, ...). The SVGs are created from a simple seed so that you do not need to store anything in your database.

5) Chart.js - Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers

With this library ( you can create awesome looking charts in your frontend. It supports many different types of graphs like e.g. scatter plots, pie charts, multi-axes plots and so on. The documentation features many examples and you can even animate all your data.

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Nice article, thanks for sharing!