What is your status page?

thomasbnt profile image Thomas Bnt ・1 min read

For getting automated status of webpage with ping and latency.
If you using a FOSS, drop the link !


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I used static_status to build myself a statuspage but you'll still have to file events manually and it doesn't have support for historical uptime, just of when the schedule runs. I've personally switched over to uptimerobot.com for quite some time now and am pretty happy with it.


Basically I had a similar problem to Harsh Shandilya. To keep things simple I wanted a static status page but couldn't find anything without having to manually add incidents/change component statuses and redeploy etc.

I ended up making my own called Issue Status, it's a static status page built using React and GitHub Issues which it uses for component and incident reporting.

For automating there's lots of options, you'll need some sort of monitoring tool, I've tested using New Relic and Uptime Robot (you could also use Pingdom or similar) and then use Zapier (RSS Feed or New Relic trigger) with the GitHub integration. You can also use the GitHub API directly to update the status page.

Demo: tadhglewis.github.io/issue-status
Source: github.com/tadhglewis/issue-status

My status page: status.tadhglewis.com


I use HetrixTools, since they offer a good free tier and a lot of features :)



Oh great tool!


Here at DEV, we're just started using statuspage.io. Check out our status page at status.dev.to


Yeah already seen that ! But it is not automated, it's just a guy behind who wrote a new for a outage.


I've found Atlassian's status page to be pretty powerful. Downside being it's not open source! atlassian.com/software/statuspage