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Databases are designed to handle "a lot of requests". Your data model is the most important determinant of what database to use, not your throughput, and if you don't have any reasons not to stick with a relational database, the answer is probably Postgres. If your needs diverge from the relational model, this is a good starting point for your research into NoSQL offerings.


I guess it depends what a lot means.

I would err on the side of not overthinking this. Most mainstream databases are pretty damn good at what they do.

We’ve been more than happy with PostgreSQL.


DBMS software (Database management system) is the software that manages a database. Though with different names (Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, Sybase). Get the best dbms software in the industry from us. compare price, reviews etc at one place.


As the others have mentioned, you'll be safe picking any of the four big relational databases (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL). It's worth noting that, if you've really picked the wrong one, it's relatively easy to switch. With NoSQL, this is a bit harder as even with similar database models, there's often no shared query language.

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