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Vue - The Road To Enterprise (Giveaway!)

After many months of writing and coding, I have recently released a new advanced Vue book called “Vue — The Road To Enterprise”. I have mentored many developers and teams, and one thing I often heard was that there are many resources for beginners to get started with Vue, but there is not a lot for those who are already familiar with Vue and want to advanced their knowledge to the next level. This is the reason why I decided to write this book.

What is in the book?

“Vue — The Road To Enterprise” is a book with more than 300 pages. It comprises 14 chapters covering a wide variety of guides, advanced patterns, tips, and best practices related to the development of large-scale Vue applications.
There are many useful things that this book can teach you about advanced concepts and managing large-scale applications. It covers many different topics, such as:

  • Differences between Vue 2 and 3 and how to prepare for migration.
  • Project setup and documentation
  • Scalable project architecture for your routes, components, and services
  • How to manage API requests, loading states, and request cancellation
  • Local and global state management patterns
  • Performance optimisation
  • Testing & Security
  • and more!

This book incorporates concepts and code examples for both Vue 2 and Vue 3, so no matter which one you use, you can find something that works for you. You can check it out here. There is also a 10% discount on, so hurry up before it expires!

Who is this book for?

Let me underline that this book is not a beginners guide. It won’t teach you how to get started with Vue. Instead, it’s an excellent resource for:

  • Developers with prior Vue knowledge who want to upscale their Vue proficiency and learn how to create enterprise-ready applications.
  • Developers and teams who want to quickly get on board with best practices, patterns, and tips to incorporate in their new or existing Vue projects.
  • Developers who are looking for career progression as a Vue.js Developer. Giveaway

I am currently running a giveaway on Twitter. Two lucky winners will get the Complete Package, including the book, Companion App, and the Enterprise Boilerplate. To participate in the giveaway check out this tweet.

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