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Tran Nguyen Thuong Truong
Tran Nguyen Thuong Truong

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Explore the world of open source

Hello everyone!
My full name is Tran Nguyen Thuong Truong. Also known as @thuongtruong1009 on Github.
I am a 3rd year Computer Science student at International University, Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam.
This is my first time participating in Hacktoberfest!
I've been on Github for a year and am starting to enjoy the platform, so I'm looking to expand my understanding of the world of programming and open source. By chance on the internet, I came across the Hacktoberfest held in October every year. I realize that this is a very good opportunity for me to learn and explore your amazing projects. So I joined for development. Thereby, I look forward to accompanying you in the future. If you like me, give me 1 star at Snake-Game-OOP.
I will try to create more and more great open source projects coming up to help you and us learn and collaborate.
Thank you very much!

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Welcome to the open source world :)

If you want to resources to help in your in journey, take a look at Open Source Education :

In hope it helps to understand what more what open source is all about & how to participate :)