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Tim Bachmann
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What playlists do you listen to when programming?

What sort of music do you like to listen to? Feel free to link to playlist on spotify, youtube etc. 🎶🎵

I like to listen to Acoustic music like this:

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Oscar Castro

I love listening to rock in general, but for some reason, I can't listen to it while programming because I get distracted by the music. So I listen to video game soundtracks, like the Final Fantasy 7 instrumental soundtrack :)

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Jose Nario

Unobtrusive electronic music. Here's an example.

Here's what I CAN'T listen to...

  • Music with lyrics? Distracted!
  • VG soundtracks? Distracted!
  • Classical or Jazz? Distracted!
  • Movie soundtracks? Wait, this is can code to.

Most kinds of music make me stop what I'm doing and I switch into Active Listening Mode.

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Claudio Davi

I'm all about that bass

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Jithesh. KT


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Espoir Murhabazi • Edited

My favorite one is this a custom playlist made with old Congolese music which reminds me of my childhood.

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Mike 🤘 • Edited

My high-energy metal playlist is called "Dig In" and it's exactly 40 hours long.

(I'm not sure why I can't post an embed)

Only high-energy thrash/death/meshuggah metal to get through your toughest projects. Designed for when you need to dive deep into your work and develop flow uninterrupted. No slow intros or outros. No acoustic instrumental interludes. Pure fucking metal.

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Nathan Lowe

Pandora is my jam because I love finding new music in a similar style to what I like with repeats of songs I definitely like inbetween. I've curated the same channel over the last 7 or 8 years.

Started off with Skillet, now there's a good mix of Metallica, 5FDP, A7x, Dragonforce, and MCR among others. Lots of variety too, but because it's all stuff I "like" it makes for a nice surprise while chipping away at a tough problem.

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Philipp Pfaff

Same as @jnario - electronic music mostly.

The essential thing is ABSOLUTELY NO LYRICS, not even in a language I don't understand. The problem with that is that my brain spends some cycles trying to make a sense of it instead of going full-on to the task I'm on

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Phillip Malboeuf

I've put mine up here:) :

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Steffen Pedersen

I mostly listen to retrowave or lifi hip hop 😃 I actually have a list here on GitHub. It hasn't been updated in a half year, but it's still kinda the same.

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Eng Soon Cheah

normally I listen piano cover.

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joshua isaac

techno & house music !

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kevin • Edited

chilledcow - lofi hip hop

They're both on youtube and spotify, but I prefer youtube

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Anthony Bronkema

I have been looking for a good Acoustic playlist and this is awesome! I listen to much of the same, with a guilty pleasure hip hop song or two.

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Dirk Levinus Nicolaas

This is a copy of, but can sing midi files with the chrome browser.

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Sascha Picard

I am fostering this one ;)