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Did you try Google Carbon language?

Google launched Carbon programming language with a goal to being a successor to C++. Tried it in depth and it's a great refreshing feel in terms of syntax compared to C++. If you are looking for a high performance, modern feature built language ,you should definitely try Carbon. While it is still in experimental phase, its definitely worth playing around.

You can get started with this Google Carbon language tutorial

One of the ways Carbon language wants to improve C++ is to have a safer memory management. To read more about carbon it you can read it here. Carbon language memory safety

Although I use C++ very rarely, Getting started with Carbon language was breeze. If you are interested in exploring new language, definitely give it a try. If you tried it,

Also here is the comparison for Carbon language vs Rust

What are your thoughts on Google Carbon language ?

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Mark Vasilkov

The fact that it supports both generics and templates at the same time is... Confusing, more that anything.

I guess we're sticking to Rust as a C++ successor.

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Tip Season

I see. Ya some concepts still need to be refined and the language is still in bare bones.