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Nest JS Microservice || 12 Factor App

nestjs microservices

Apply 12 Factor App principles on NestJS Microservice

Playlist Link :

In this playlist we will talking about microservices development with 12 factor app
We are using nestjs

  • we will build nestjs app from zero
  • we will make nestjs app having everything setup
  • docker with nestjs and test setup with jest
  • linting using eslint
  • migration with typeorm
  • postgres database with nestjs/typeorm
  • security of apis
  • health check of apis
  • monitoring and log trace for apis
  • managing env configurations
  • managing deployment with graceful shutdown
  • managing CI pipeline for application

Once we are done with basic setup with all above
we will 12 factor principles to this application
I. Codebase
II. Dependencies
III. Config
IV. Backing services
V. Build, release, run
VI. Processes
VII. Port binding
VIII. Concurrency

We are writing test cases unit and integration and wil setup CI/CD
to deploy application to heroku with postgres

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