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Little introduction

My name is Antoine

Hi bonjour 👋
I'm Antoine, a french junior developer. I'm 23 years old and I hoped on the developer train this year in 2021. I'm currently working as a web developer in a french company that creates solutions for managing temporary worker (I'm also studying at the same time -It's a french study system called alternance-).

A little bit about me... I studied literature and arts in high-school. After graduation I studied cinema as a major but felt it was more a passion than a place I wanted to live for. So after drifting by 2 years of philosophy in university, I decided to take on the journey of becoming a developer. What motivated me was that I've always lived in this field (both my parents are developers) and I also always had an interest and curiosity for solving problems, creating my own solutions.

The point of my profile

I decided recently to write down my journey for me to remember and be able to see where I'm coming from. I also figured that it could be interesting to some people, as an inspiration or just for the pleasure to read like a story.

To save you the trouble of my really early beginnings (discovering programming through python) I will start telling my story from when I started looking for a job as someone without any experience and then quickly follow up with my first days at the company. Then the posts will logically follow the course of time I'm living.

Lastly, I want to mention that in future posts, there might be some code and also mistakes in it. Even if correction is welcome (please it is), I consider it as a part of my journey I'll be telling. I hope I won't make your eyes bleed too much 😶

Where you can reach me

Obviously you can reach me directly here on my, either by commenting or by DMs. But you can also find me on:

GitHub - lbAntoine
LinkedIn - Antoine Le Bras

I hope some of you can find this journey interesting and worth the follow~ thank you for reading me and see you next post 😉

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Jason F

Welcome! Learning never ends, so don't be worried about posting code that may "make someone's eyes bleed".

tomatowizard profile image

Thank you so much! That's what I've been told yeah.

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Anders Björkland

Splendid Antoine!
Best of luck. I think seeing your journey will be interesting and I might learn something as well.

tomatowizard profile image

Thank you thank you! I hope you can find some fresh view on the different things I'll come up with.