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Tom Lienard
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🚀 Releasing ShineBoard - A beautiful way to share code


A beautiful way to share code


🎉 Hello ! Today, I wanted to show you the side project I was working on. Basically, I didn’t like pastebin for sharing codes - it’s not very beautiful and user-friendly. I know hastebin, but half of the time the website is down. Also, I always have tons of .txt, .yaml files on my Desktop, due to logs or configuration files. So this is why I created ShineBoard - a tool to make code sharing easier and a better experience.
❗️ It’s a « beta » version, I just would like to get some feedback about it.


ShineBoard is a open-source platform to make sharing code easier. Wasted by all the .txt files you downloaded and the poor hastebin codes ? Switch now to ShineBoard :

  • Open
  • Paste your file's content
  • Hit CTRL + S to save the paste, and then CTRL + V to share the link

Alternatively, you can use the CLI to create paste from your terminal :

  • Install with NPM (npm i -g @shineboard/cli) or with Yarn (yarn global add @shineboard/cli)
  • Type shine help to get started
  • To upload very quicly, run shine add <file>
  • You can also choose to specify a name for this paste with the flag --name (or -n)
  • If you which, you can force the language with --language (or -l)


📋 ShineBoard is currently in a « beta » version. I just want to get some feedback before working on new features.
The project is open-source, so feel free to contribute (links bellow).

About the Website :

Based on Laravel, I choose to use VueJS and VueRouter in SPA mode, for a better navigation : you won’t see pages loading more and more. There is also a simple API, which is called by the CLI.

About the CLI :

It’s actually the first time I made a CLI - and I’m not sure if it’s the good way to do it. Just a simple Nodejs app. Let me know if it’s not that bad :)

❤️ Also, I you liked this post and this project, please consider starring the Github repository bellow :

Importants links :

Top comments (3)

daviddalbusco profile image
David Dal Busco

I like the idea of the CLI. Have you thought about not having to install it globally but to provide a npm init command instead (like npm init shineboard) ?

Just a spontaneous idea probably because I wrote a blog post about this recently and still have it in mind 😉.

Beside that, when I tried the tool, my javascript code wasn't automatically highlighted. Don't know if you have implemented this yet or not. Just FYI in case it should have be.

Congratulations for the beta, cool stuffs and project name 👍

tomlienard profile image
Tom Lienard • Edited

Thanks for the feedback. I prefere to install the command globally, because you can use it anywhere even in not NPM projects, just by tapping shine add <file>.

For the highlight, I will add automatic highlight in the textearea, which is not working for now. Beside, it should have been highlighted after the redirection. Has you can see, this C++ code is highlighted, but only after saving the paste.

Thanks a lot !

daviddalbusco profile image
David Dal Busco

Coolio 👍