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Why should you read specialists books?

I highly recommend to you to read some specialists books because the reason for it is pretty simple. Especially for me it tooks some time to discover the reason. So I want to share it with you!

An author of an book had learned lessons over lessons in a period of time. Sometimes over a couple of years and sometimes over his entire life. If you read an book, you can learn these lessons in a couple of days or weeks (depending on the book).

I want to encourage you to read books instead of watching tutorials or something like that. Don't get me wrong. Watching a tutorial is helpful and you can learn a lot of stuff. But if you read an book, you improve not only your technical skills. Your vocabulary is growing, your ability to focus on a task is growing and lot more...

There are some books out there, every programmer should have read these (in my opinion):


All these books helped me to grow personally and technically. After all i realized that reading a book is better than watching tons of videos.
So give it a try!

Of course there are so many books out there.
So let me know which books you can recommend to others.

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I agree with you but some times video is better then books I recommend "automate the boring stuff with python" and "Learn python the hard way" these books are really helpful
for beginners .

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Tom Schwarz

Thanks for your contribution!
These are some interesting books.
I put those on my list. :)