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Anthony Reyes
Anthony Reyes

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What are your Short/Long Term Goals as a Software Developer? 💻

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I'm currently in my nth month and fairly newly-hired software developer and for our first 1-on-1s I was asked what are my short and long term goals.

So for short-term goals, I quickly thought of technical skills which I don't know a thing or just a gist of it that'll be supplemental for my role while a general idea of leadership/management skills for long-term goals.

But that's just me, I want to know what plans/ideas you guys are in preparation for. 📒

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Jean-Michel ( • Edited

Writing on DEV taught me that I like sharing my knowledge - and learning from my readers. So I searched and got a new job where I will both do and teach programming. I start in two weeks, I'm excited :)

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David Kyle Choe

Although I am not a dev myself, I find myself having many convos with friends and customers about this. I find that the goals change tremendously based on the vision they have for their career. Whether they want to be that expert IC or a people leader, whether they want to build new products or manage existing ones, and many other factors. I find that the common thread is how to communicate. How to get across ideas, achieve cross-functional buy-in, and socialize progress. Communication seems like a great goal across the board.

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Tomas Sirio

I want to get enough knowledge to become a Digital Nomad and get the chance to walk around the world while working