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Toqeer Abbas
Toqeer Abbas

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1. What is Design?

hi everyone!

Today I talk about design !. According to my understanding design is the solution.
Design is not like colors, beautification things etc.

Example: Like I want to sit!

I can sit on the bed or I can sit on the floor but that's very hard to sit. so I think and design a chair for sit.
The chair is actually Design!!!
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Types of Design
According to my understandings, there are mainly two types of design!

Aesthetics design is used for pleasure like songs (yeah songs are also design) mood etc...

Functional design is used for functional work like (no parking sign on-road) etc...

in last you also hear about UX and UI so
UI is an aesthetic design
UX is a Functional design

Firstly we focus on functional design and then aesthetic design!
A good design is the combination of both designs!

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GrahamTheDev • Edited

"Firstly we focus on functional design and then aesthetic design!"

If only that were true! Too many people get stuck on aesthetics and completely miss usability. I wish more people had that philosophy!

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Toqeer Abbas

A good design is combination of both