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How to fix a terrible bug StackOverflow cannot fix?

Have you ever faced a bug that brought you to your down to your knees to say a prayer?

There are times when you get stuck while writing code. Most of the time it's because you have been coding for some time and now you are facing a terrible error which you are struggling to fix. You Google the error only to find out that all the links are purple but still you have no solution. You have opened all the StackOverflow links, Github, the documentation, other helpful forums, and your only hope is the place where no-one has been, the second page of the Google search, you go there but still, there is no solution.

You have tried everything and at this point, you start questioning yourself or yelling at your stupid computer. What if I told you that the solution is there and you might have browsed through it? Of course, there is a bug in your code but the huge bug here is that you are exhausted.

I have been through such times I could not fix a bug not because I didn't have a powerful internet connection or enough coffee, trust me I had enough of everything but still, I couldn't fix even a missing semicolon error. Why? because I was tired. Tiredness is one bug caffeine, StackOverflow or any other popular site you can think about cannot fix. It affects both your body system and your computer system. Well, let's jump into the important part, how to fix it?

The solution is simple, close all the browser tabs and get some rest. If you are coding at night, leave everything, and go to sleep. During the day taking a walk or doing anything that is not related to coding helps. The goal is to refresh your mind by taking it away from your bug for a moment. Now you are asking yourself, is this guy crazy telling me to sleep or rest like there is no problem? I know you need to fix this to meet your deadlines but you are likely to spend five hours trying to do something that you can do in 5 minutes or less. The problem with coding when you are exhausted is that you are likely to create more errors or end up creating something that you will spend the rest of life debugging.

After taking some rest come back and start debugging your code or start searching for your error. You are likely to find out that among all the purple links that you thought had no solution one of them had a solution but you were too drained to notice. This has helped me to fix a missing semicolon and other errors, I'm sure it will work for you.

And that's how you fix a terrible bug StackOverflow cannot fix.

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"the place where no-one has been, the second page of the Google search" LOL. I totally agree, in my experience taking a break in coding when I'm exhausted really helps, it get's me back on track.

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Tawanda Nyahuye

I agree too. I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Osvaldo Leiva

nice post. (y)