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How I learn code on internet and get my first job?

One year ago I started my first semester at university and started learning HTML, CSS, and javascript online … And four months ago, I got my first job as front-end web developer for a startup …I want to share my self-study experience … everything that I know.

What should we do?

When we start learning something, it's really hard and makes us feel discouraged. I think this is the hardest time but it is quite normal. I have read somewhere a quote:

When you want to give up think about why you started!

It sounds good but not help at least for me. Trust me, If your motivation isn't too big then it can't help you.

Instead, the way to develop oneself is the habit. Build habits, discipline, and habits that will guide you.

We don't need to spend too much time in a day to learn … It may take 2–3 hours a day when all becomes a habit, you can do "hard" things in a fun and enjoyable way.

A common problem among newbies is learning too many things at the same time. For example, when you are learning python, but after a while javascript becomes hotter … You want to switch to javascript and so you can know a lot of languages but in fact, you will not be able to do a Something perfect … So just focus on one language …

Besides, learn the basic knowledge, structure, syntax of that language … I see now there are a lot of trend followers like React, Vue or Nodejs … They even just surf the javascript in a day and start learning those frameworks. You should remember the frameworks is based on that language … Maybe it only lasts a few years but that language will still be there. If you are the person who I'm talking about, stop it and learn basic knowledge.

In addition to following the tutorials of the course or read-only document, make yourself something you like. For example, if you learn about the web and you love animals or read books … You can use the knowledge learned to build websites related to them. This will help you less boring and help develop your skills quickly
One more thing in this section is that searching with google … I'm pretty sure every question in your head is already on Google or StackOverflow … It's really a useful tool though. Everything has two faces … When you get into trouble and 5 minutes after, you go to google search and of course everything works … This will make the habit but this is a bad habit … It will reduce our thinking … So do not overuse Google or StackOverflow

And The last thing I want to say about the use of libraries comes with frameworks … Do we really need them? … Of course, we need … but When?

When I started learning the react … All the courses on react I learned were about redux … This was terrible because it was really hard and I just got to know some basic concepts about state and props … The consequences of that make me think redux is always part of the react … I always use redux even though the project is so small I do not know how to create a website with pure react. I think this has happened to a lot of people who start learning to react … In my country, there is a small battle between pure react and redux users. I realized why I had to use redux all day even though I did not need it either … React 16.03 has improved Context API to make managing the state easier and I learned it by creating a library to state management.

Redux isn't bad, The problem is that we have taught the wrong way to use them

I also built a small library UI because other libraries are too big and sometimes I do not need too many components. Even creating a component of your idea is faster than learning and changing the components of that library and I decided to build some components for myself.

It's good to learn or create your own library … 

If you have time, learn how it works instead of using it.

So, when we need use a library or frameworks?

Remember, Use a library only if you really in trouble .

In conclusion …

That is all my experiences after a year of self-learning online… It may be true, maybe wrong … Everyone's life is different … It will take a lot of time… Of course everything is just a part of life.

Hope the article is useful for everyone and sorry for my english :))

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Thanks for your story... I also like you who is not outstanding and too shy ... it's really difficult to get rid of them ... During that time, the only thing I didn't do was to give up