SQL vs Elastic Search for storing CRM Data

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Hey everyone,
First post here.I need some help choosing a cloud service to store CRM data for a website I'm building. At the least, I need user's to upload a csv of their customer emails (per group) and save that in a database. I'm very familiar with Firebase and I am using that for auth and RTDB, but I don't think it makes sense for storing the CRM emails and their group associations (ie - email and groupId).

I'm leaning towards AWS Elasticsearch or Google Postgres SQL. Any recco's?


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My guess is that Postgres would be better to start with.

Elasticsearch is awesome at natural language-ish searching, filtering, and aggregations on large amounts of data. However, unless your app has a strong need for one of those you'd probably get better value out of a relational database because they are so flexible, and I would guess the integrity and relational aspects will be much more useful for you.

I'd wager that most companies who run Elasticsearch also run a relational db, but the converse is not true.


I would store the data in PostgreSQL and then if PostgreSQL full text search is not good enough branch out to ElasticSearch.

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