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The ShadowGas Transfer feature allows you to move the gas tokens stored at the contract's address to the address of the contract's owner or to an address provided.

I recommend checking out my first post (below) before reading if you haven't already. It goes over the installation, setup, and the contract's Store feature.



<GAS_TOKEN> should be either Chi or Lgt


npx buidler empty --token <GAS_TOKEN>

Sends Chi or Lgt from contract to possessor (contract owner)


npx buidler emptyTo --token <GAS_TOKEN>

Sends Chi or Lgt from contract to address (modify in shadow.config.js)


Empty 3 Lgt and Chi

You can modify the amount to send in shadow.config.json

npx buidler empty --token Lgt

npx buidler empty --token Chi

Alt Text

Alt Text

Empty 3 Lgt and Chi to address

You can modify the address to send to in shadow.config.json

npx buidler emptyTo --token Lgt

npx buidler emptyTo --token Chi

Alt Text

Alt Text

I am currently finishing up the trade feature!

The repo can be found here: https://github.com/TraylorBoy/ShadowGas


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