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Andrew Wooldridge
Andrew Wooldridge

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The Writing Phoenix

The Writing Phoenix


I've often kickstarted my writing and creative endeavors, with this odd idea that I'll somehow fall into a writing pattern and suddenly life will make sense. Instead I seem to constantly be remaking myself creatively, and rediscovering old things I've learned while adding new things all the time.

I've always started out with the best of intentions and seemingly run out of juice after a few posts. I used to think this was basically some sort of failure on my part – that I was not dedicated enough, or that I let other things distract me.

Instead I've learned that creativity comes in seasons, and that instead of trying to force things, you should allow for periods of resting, re-evaluating, and growing.

So, what does this all mean?

It means I'm starting again. Writing as I work a new interactive fiction engine I'm calling SAGA. Writing on my outstanding fantasy novels. Writing for creating fun things in HTML, CSS, and JS ( and now WebAssembly!)

One thing that is different this time around is I've discovered a great Markdown writing tool called StackEdit (see link below) which let's me create articles and preview them ( Why you not do this )

Whether it's for games, web, or fiction, I will try to be more consistent this time around, especially as I learn new strategies to stay motivated.

I'm also learning to take time to rest, and time to recharge. I'm currently playing one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played:

Dragon Quest XI : Echoes of an Elusive Age.I've never had so much fun playing a game before – it just hits all the right notes as an RPG with amazing visuals and compelling storyline.

So, let's see if I can get things done more often this time around.

And I want to shout out to StackEdit – which is just a joy to use.

Written with StackEdit.

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Michael Scott Shappe

I'm in a similar boat--I identify as a writer first, a writer of code second...but I have spent a lot more of my life writing code than writing for people. I recently realized a lot of preconceived ideas and road blocks that were keeping me from writing were...pretty much entirely in my own head. That basically the only thing keeping me from writing more was me. Getting out of my own way was a huge win, and now, I've written at least a little bit, almost every single day, for the last four months. It's felt fantastic!

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Andrew Wooldridge

Thanks for the comment! Having a site like which let's me post to multiple targets like means that I can write in one place, and let it flow out to other sites naturally, and really motivates me to keep writing!

Congratulations on 4 months! Consistency is so important when building an audience!