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Muhammad Furqan Ul Haq
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5 Best Places to Find DevOps Jobs in 2021

So, you've learned DevOps and are looking for a job? Or you might just be exploring the career opportunities for DevOps engineers before getting into this field.

Today, I will guide you where to search for DevOps job offers (remote + office) and how much the employers are willing to pay.

So, stick to it, as this article might help you get hired as a high paying DevOps engineer.

1- Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a highly active question/answer community of software developers and engineers. Nowadays, they also have a job board to connect developers with potential employers.

Many highly-reputed companies post their jobs here to find talented DevOps engineers. So, if you have the required skills then must give it a try.

There are many job listings where you can directly apply using your Stack Overflow account. Whereas, some jobs will redirect you to the company’s website to apply.

In my opinion, having a great Stack Overflow profile increases your chances to get hired. It’s because you’ve already proved your expertise by answering genuine questions.

Estimated Salary Range (per year): $70k - $155k (US Dollars)

2- Toptal

Toptal is considered a freelancing platform for only the best ones. You’ve to fulfill their strict requirements in order to get considered.

They walk you through an extensive test to analyze your skills. Toptal proudly mentions that they only select the Top 3% of DevOps engineers.

But, a point to be noted is that they offer way more salary packages than other platforms. It’s because most tech-giants like Airbnb, Shopify, Duolingo, etc. trust Toptal and prefer to hire the best talent from here.

Estimated Salary Range (per year): $100k - $160k (US Dollars)

3- Kube Careers

As its name suggests, Kube Careers is specifically designed for people having experience in Kubernetes.

It is relatively a new platform as compared to the rest of the job boards mentioned here. But, the unique thing about Kube Careers is that it brings Hand-picked Kubernetes jobs for you.

Each job clearly mentions whether it is office-based or remote, its salary range, and complete detail of the client’s requirements.

Simply click the “Learn more” button given near each job listing to open the job description. It will also reveal the “Apply” button through which you can apply for the given position.

Estimated Salary Range (per year): $48k - $200k (US Dollars)

4- LinkedIn

You might have heard about LinkedIn before, isn’t it?

Basically, it enables professionals to connect with each other. It has a dedicated section where you can search for jobs related to DevOps or any relevant field.

Here, you’ll frequently see job offers from big international businesses like GitHub, Amazon, Apple, Bank of America, Comcast, Zoom, Verizon, etc. In turn, you have a great opportunity to learn the best practices by joining one of them.

Estimated Salary Range (per year): $40k - $145k (US Dollars)

5- Indeed

Since November 2004, Indeed has proven to be the best and largest job listings portal. Every day there are tons of jobs posted regarding DevOps.

You just have to find the best fit according to your skills and apply!

If you are interested in a career opportunity for a specific DevOps subskill like AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, etc. then Indeed might be very helpful for you.

Just type the desired skill in the search box and hit “Enter”. It will bring all the job listings available for that specific skill. You can easily sort the results either by relevance or date.

Estimated Salary Range (per year): $50k - $180k (US Dollars)

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Amai Hachimitsu

@trulyfurqan Not sure if Europe is relevant for you but SwissDevJobs in Switzerland and GermanTechJobs for Germany are worth consideration!

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Linkedin, StackOverflow, and Indeed, in my opinion, are the best platforms for all job seekers!!! Good job! wheredle

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