Redux in 2019?

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I noticed that many new projects adopt either GraphQL and/or React Hooks. Neither of these solve the same issues as Redux... On the other hand it does seem to reduce the need for using Redux. Here at Stream we're still using redux...

How do you all feel about Redux in 2019, do you think it's still useful/relevant?

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I can't imagine managing state without the confidence provided by redux devtools.


We recently started using Redux-Saga at my job. Thoroughly enjoying it. Big fan of GraphQL and slowly integrating hooks, but definitely see us using Redux for the remainder of the year and probably far beyond that.


What do you all see as the advantage of redux over using react context? I come to react through apollo so I never used redux for any real projects. It seems like react context gives me everything I need for an inter-component state. Am I missing that much by not using redux?


Codepen mentioned on their podcast that they are using GraphQL without Redux. Max from Ionic is doing some React Hooks experiments without using Redux.

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