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6 small Career advice for CodeNewbies

These are my main 6 advices for any individual who is figuring out how to code or simply beginning in an engineer career. I trust you track down these valuable and in the event that you have anything to add leave it in the remarks beneath😉.

If you're interested in learning to code or if you're just starting out in a coding career then these tips will help you improve your code and problem solving skills.

Have a clean goal in mind

If your doing a tutorial make sure you have a clear goal in mind of what you will by the end of it and more importantly why you are learning it. This will help keep you focused and make sure you are only spending time on useful learning.


The best wat to learn is to apply the knowledge by creating mini projects. This will help you retain the knowledge as well as creating a portfolio of work you can refer to. Keep the projects small and simple, so they don't take too long to complete.

Make and refractor

While thinking of the best way to solve a problem it's easy to over complicate it. Use what you know to create a solution that works first, once it works you can refractor to make improvements. This will save your time and you will start to see patterns in your refactoring and learn from it.

Learn as you go

Don't set out to learn everything -- learn the things you need to complete projects or tutorials. This way your knowledge will accumulate and get more complex over time rather than trying to understand everything within a few weeks.

Write pseudo code

Pseudo code is when you write out what the code is doing in normal English. It can be very useful to step away from the code and look at it as a logical puzzle first. Once you figure out the logic then you can translate it to code.

Deconstruct other websites

Find something on a website you would like to recreate and try to deconstruct how they did it by looking at the source code. This can be really beneficial since the act of trying to figure it out will help you remember it better and you might learn something you didn't expect on the way.

Hopefully you found this list useful and it will help you improve your coding skills. If you have any other tips add them in the comments.

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Christopher Arnold

Great Advice, thank you.