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Not Quite a Fail

So yesterday I set out to complete two modules, but didn't get through the first of the two. It's not that I didn't do any work, but I didn't have the time to actually complete it, especially since FCC had an outage mid-day. During the outage I worked on CSS-Battles. I completed 2 and 3, as well as read through Olzhas' - CSS Battle solutions to get an idea of what other folks did. I've got new ideas about how to complete some and might work through them later.

No Big Deal, the streak is in place. Today's attempt finish Applied Accessibility, complete Responsive Web Design Principles, and get through most of CSS Flexbox. I think I can get to CSS Flexbox, but I think it might be a bit EXTRA compared to the previous sections.

My concern over the next few days is the fact that it's a long weekend. I do most of these tasks in slow times throughout my work day.

How do you stay focused on your goals during holidays and weekends?

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