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Transforms and Animations

Today's coding challenges were some of the ones either introduced after I started FCC the first time, or I had skipped over in favor of learning javascript. I'm glad they came up today.

Applied Visual Design started out as kind of a refresher, but quickly moved into learning about transforms and animations. I had not previously taken the time to learn these beyond trying to reverse engineer someone elses project. I have no specific example either. It didn't mean anything. I'm hoping over the next few days that I can find a way to practice these things. This morning as I got myself pumped up for today's lessons, I came across this post and clicked through to the CSS Battle site and convinced myself, aside from the page not working in Firefox, that I wouldn't be able to accomplish any of it. I think I might give it a shot as a daily practice.

What resources helped you when you first learned CSS?

After clicking back over to CSS Battle, I realized I needed to login in order to access the "Completed" sets.

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