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Twilio Office Hours with Phil & Dom

The #twiliohackathon with DEV is over in a few days and we hope your projects are going well. We can't wait to see all the awesome things you built this month.

To wrap up the hackathon we'll host another edition of our weekly office hours on Twitch! Over there Phil and I will be looking at some of the already submitted apps (no we won't judge them), answer any last questions and additionally we'll have a special guest with Thor from Stripe showing us how he combined Twilio and Stripe to create a mobile payment experience.

The Hackathon office hours will be hosted on the Twilio Twitch channel at:

19:00 EDT Thursday 30th April
16:00 PDT Thursday 30th April
09:00 AEST Friday 1st May

(They're all the same time, Phil is just a day ahead in Australia!)

We'll see you on Twitch right here:

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Rohan Sawant

Hey guys, Phil is here? He's famous! I followed articles by him to build by App, my app is almost done, but the documentation and demo videos are remaining.

Is there any way I could request your eyes on my Hackathon Submission when I am done?

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Phil Nash

👋 I am here! Great to hear your app is nearly there. Can't wait to check it out. We might have time to take a look on the stream. You should join us on Twitch if you can!

rohansawant profile image
Rohan Sawant