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10 Solid Steps Guide For You To Go Freelance This Year.

Have you always fancied the freelance life, but not yet had

the confidence, or the opportunity, to take the plunge?

10 solid steps guide for you to go freelance this year 👇

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1. Make sure it's right for you

An important one:

Freelancing isn't for everyone.

You'll likely be spending a lot of time working alone, there's no guaranteed income, and you'll have full responsibility for everything from winning new work to XYZ stuff.

But having full responsibility for everything is exciting as well as potentially daunting.

You can choose exactly what you work on, & when. There's no boss to tell you what to do.

&, theoretically, at least, there's scope to earn more money if you play your cards right.

2. Give yourself a financial buffer

If you've decided that freelance life is for you, hold your horses before you get over-excited and hand in your notice.

Remember, you'll be losing your regular, reliable income.

Savings are essential to give yourself a decent buffer.

3. Think about where you'd like to work

WFH is a common choice, particularly if you have a spare room that you can convert into an office.

Tempting as it is & starts working in your pajamas,

Having a separate, dedicated area will help you draw the line between work and play.

4. Invest in some decent hardware

Here's where setup costs can start to escalate quickly.

Don't be tempted to splash out on all the latest gadgets right away unless they're essential for you to start work.

Consider what you'll be doing, where and how, and pick accordingly.

5. Pick the right software

You won't get far as a freelance coder without the right software you need to actually coding stuff.

As with the hardware, however, take the time to consider what you actually need from day one – you can always add things at a later date.

Be honest.

6. Find business tools that work for you

When you're freelance, you have plenty of other things to worry about besides coding:

For e.g. invoicing, accounting & so on

FreeAgent and Solo are both fantastic monthly-subscription tools for keeping track of expenses, invoices.

7. Set up a website to get business

As a freelancer, a decent website is an absolute essential – but it doesn't need to be a huge expense.

Sit down and work out exactly what you need your online presence to achieve, and then explore some of the tools at your disposal.

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Everything You Need to Master Freelancing

8. Get some stationery printed

it's time to combine all that essential information on some quality business stationery.

a great business card, and perhaps some self-promotional
postcards or stickers to send to potential clients are the perfect way to get your name out there.

9. Get yourself out there

Once you have your silky new business cards, you need someone to give them to.

While potential clients will love receiving a beautiful piece of self-promo in the post, there's no substitute for meeting people face-to-face.

But due to COVID, you can't, That's why an online presence is a must for the future now.

You can attend regular online events and give you a chance to chat with like-minded creative

Folks and potential clients and collaborators

Best course I had ever come across by @dvassallo

"Everyone can build a Twitter audience"

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10. Remember to put tax aside!

Using your accounting software to keep track of all your income and expenses will make it a lot easier to file that dreaded tax return – remember to keep all the receipts too.

you're freelance is before tax – and you'll need to save a decent chunk If cash flow is difficult in a particular month, it may be tempting to dip into that money to keep things ticking along. that's fine, so long as it's occasional & you replenish the funds when you're flush again.

Hope you like these solid steps.

Please share your feedback.💙👍

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