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5 Lessons Learned In Content Creation As a Developer!

Life, coding & business are full of lessons if you look for them.

Some you learn the easy way, and some you learn the hard way.

As a creator, you’re at war with yourself every day.

It's a competition with yourself  not with others.

Here are the 5 most important lessons (so far) I learned in my journey of sharing/creating content as a developer!

1. You can’t get far alone:

Fast is fun for a while.

Alone a youth runs fast, with a mentor/senior may be slow, but together they go far.

A Great Dream Requires A Great Team.

Going far simply can’t be done without people to support you.

2. Keep Your Heros Human:

They may be great people, but they are still people.

“Heros” still struggle & have limits that everyone else has, they still put their pants on one leg at a time.

When I let the people I admire be human.

I find grace and compassion for them.

3. Don’t let comparison steal your best work:

No matter your talent, there is always someone doing much better than you.

It’s hard not to be jealous but try to praise others in similar work.

If You have something to share or to create.

  • Create it
  • Say it
  • Build it
  • Write it

4. Don't avoid conflicts, Learn from them:

You will not experience life without conflict.

This is one of the hardest things I had to experience and learn as early as possible.

"Society wins when developers learn how to resolve conflicts."

5. Be patient, don’t rush:

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

-Chris Grosser

Patience is so difficult.

There are things we have no choice but to wait for and there are things we should wait for but choose not to.

Be Patient! Don’t Rush in Your Career Growth.

Bonus Tip: Batch write when you can

Want to gain freedom, time, and flexibility?

Plan a marathon content creation session.

The secret to stress-free content production is batching.

Over to you now:

What content creation lessons have you learned since you started your journey?

Let’s make this post a place to share our best hard-earned lessons.

Share yours in the comments!

Thanks for reading.

If you’re a regular reader, thank you, you’re a big part of the reason I’ve been able to share my life/career experiences with you.

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