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Developers are simple in their choices.

I’ve mentored 350+ developers over the past 4 years.

I asked them to share their experience with courses, boot camps, degrees, products, YouTube, companies.

Here is what they said:

The modern developer faces hundreds — if not thousands — of choices every day.

  • What to read.
  • Which course to buy.
  • Which language to learn & code.
  • Which company to work for.
  • Which YouTube videos can make a difference.

And each of those decisions takes a mental toll.

And yet, Creators continue to champion more.

  • More choice.
  • More products.
  • More bang for your buck.
  • More features, information, and discounts.

"Creating new products, and services that add value to a developer isn’t a bad idea."

In my personal experience.

"Simplification is the best strategy across the board".

The developer's decision process helps you understand the steps a developer goes through when they are deciding whether and what to buy.

Developers don’t just decide to buy.

▫ Types of Developer Behavior.

A developer’s buying decision depends on the type of products that they need to buy.

The behavior of Dev is different.

  • While buying a product.
  • While choosing a company to work for.
  • While watching a YouTube video.

Instead of while buying a coffee.

▫ Complex behavior

Complex behavior is encountered particularly when developers are buying an expensive product or choosing from multiple JOB offers.

"Here developers will research thoroughly before committing to anything."

When the risk of buying/Choosing a product is very high,

  • Select 1 JOB from multiple good Job offers,
  • Select 1 language to start your career,

A developer will consult:

  • Friends,
  • Family,
  • Mentors
  • Experts

Before making any decision.

▫ Reducing behavior

When there is low availability of choices.

  • Developers will be forced to buy products.
  • Developers will be forced to watch that video.
  • Developers will be forced to attend that boot camp.

They do not have too many choices.

▫ Habitual behavior


  • Developers are buying products that they use for their daily routine,
  • Developers are watching videos that they use for their daily routine

They do not put a lot of thought.
Developers just go for it and buy/watch it.

In the end, I would say...

*Don’t just build a product. *

*Don’t just upload a YouTube video. *

Don’t just ask a Dev to enroll in boot camps.

Build a simple developer journey...

but building a simple experience is an incredibly complex endeavor...

"Simplicity always wins for decision-making."

Thanks for reading.

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