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If You Want to Work From Home, Learn These Skills

If you want to free yourself from the shackles of 9 to 5, it's time to take advantage of the Internet to work whereever you wanty.

With the following skills, you can work find work online easily.


Most apps are web apps, so they're naturally hosted on the Internet. This means that we can write code on our computer and put them online.

Teams can meet in virtual meetings via teleconference, and code are stored online so they can be retrieved anywhere.


Excel spreadsheets don't need to be manipulated in person. They can be worked on anywhere.

There're also online alternatives like Google Sheets.


Writing can be done anywhere. You just need a computer. You don't even need the Internet unless you're doing research or sharing your work with someone else.

This makes writing ideal for digital nomads that like to travel to exotic places.

Writing can be blogging, freelancing writing, booking writing, and much more. The possibilities are endless for making money with writing.

Project Management

Project management can be done anywhere now. With virtual meetings replacing mots of in-person meetings, this can now take place anywhere thanks to Internet technology.

Virtual Assistance

As its name suggests, virtual assistants are assistants that work from anywhere. All they have to do is be available online and do what's required by the employer or client.

They do work that can be done on the computer like data entry, document writing, reading, updating websites, etc.

SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

Search engines are hosted on the Internet, so this job naturally is done online. Work includes buying ads, hosting ads, etc.

Online consultants are present to help with buying ads in a cost-effectively way, which a lot of people don't know how to do.

Social Media Marketing

Social media websites are all on the Internet. And social media profiles take lots of time to manage.

It takes lots of time to engage with people and make posts.

Therefore, people are hired to do the hard work.

Web Design

Most designs are created on the computer and are shared over the Internet.

Design reviews can be done online with teleconferencing and high-resolution screens.

Therefore, this is naturally an online job like all the others.


Consulting is all about the meetings. And most meetings are now done online to save travel time and costs.

Therefore, this is a mostly online job.

This is true regardless of what kind of consulting you're doing.


Like consulting, this is all about meeting people and communication. Unless you're teaching something like sports, you can do a lot online.

Even if you're teaching sports, you can create videos online to show people how to do something.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the posting of affiliate links from different companies on your website. It's like ads but less intrusive.

It involves all the other online marketing techniques like SEO and search engine advertising.

The objective is to get people to convert by clicking on your affiliate links, which takes an expert to do.


Buying stuff online is convenient, so naturally, there're sellers meeting the demand.

Once people know that your online store exists and has useful stuff, then the revenue will be coming in.

As we can see, there're tons of online jobs and gigs that lots of people can do. Just get good at one or a few of them, then the 9 to 5 life will end fast.

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tofuman_ profile image
Boris Tofuman Povolotsky

Great stuff, makes me wonder if my skills as a social worker who is highly into individual therapy... hehe

aumayeung profile image
John Au-Yeung


Making money without a 9 to 5 is definitely therapeutic.

I don't if talking over the Internet is as good as in person. But it's an option.

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