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The TypeScript Team Presents `Type | Treat`

Tomorrow October 26th, you will be able to participate in TypeScript's first ever set of virtual code challenges: Type | Treat (or "Type or Treat")! We will be presenting some "spooky" code challenges that will allow you to get deeper into the TypeScript language but in a fun way.

Starting tomorrow, a new code challenge will be posted every weekday, along with its solution the day after. The last solution will be posted on Halloween day.

You can look forward to the challenges being posted at 4 PM EST. All information will be posted right here on our channel, so be sure to follow!

Are The Challenges For TypeScript Developers Only?

Absolutely not! We want all developers, familiar with TypeScript or not to be apart of Type | Treat. Every day will have two different types of challenges, one for beginners/learners and one for intermediate/advanced developers. That way everyone can participate.

How To Participate

In order to participate you will need to have a twitter account and be sure that you can access this channel, along with the TypeScript website.

As mentioned earlier, you will want to start here to find the details on the code challenge of the day. Each challenge will contain a link to the starter code, that will be held in the TypeScript playground. Via the playground you can work on the challenge in the browser and you will be able to test your code to see if it properly passes the challenge

How To Share Your Solution

Once you feel you have completed the challenge, you will need to select the Share button in the playground. This will automatically copy a playground URL to your clipboard.

You will then need to go to Twitter, and create a tweet about the challenge, add the link to your code and mention the @TypeScript Twitter account with the hashtag #TypeOrTreat.

Best Resources for Additional Help

If you need additional help you can utilize the following:

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Tobias Nickel

looking forward for the challenge 👍

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Tobias Nickel

will there be a challenge about the next version 4.1?

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Where should be looking forward for these challenges?

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Gabrielle Crevecoeur

The first challenge will be posted on our channel as a new post