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Tyler Warnock
Tyler Warnock

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Resumé mod, Loader, Animated links | Module Monday 62

Everything below is open source

It's free to use on any website, web app, or anywhere else. There are hundreds more like these built & shared on AnyMod.

Click a mod to see it along with its source code.

Resumé mod

Show off your CV in style with simple copy & paste.
View mod

Loading overlay

Show and hide this overlay on command.
View mod

Animated social links

Draw attention to your social presence.
View mod

Alternating content sections

Use your own images and text for simple, pre-styled sections.
View mod

Icon announcements

Subtle value propositions with custom icons.
View mod

I post new mods from the community here every (Module) Monday -- I hope you find them useful!

Happy coding ✌️

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