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My Python Journey So Far

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print(Hello, World!)

To computational thinking, solving problems and designing projects. I'll be taking you on my journey on learning python programming.

So please take a seat and let's explore
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I discovered python roughly two years ago when I met someone who designed a countdown timer and calculator using python.

I became curious, ask a couple of questions and did my research on Python and Data Science. Boom! here I am.

According to Statistics, Python is one of the top 5 easiest programming languages to learn. It is my first programming language and so far, it has been extremely exciting and quite challenging.

My 100DaysofPython Challenge

I already embarked on my #100daysofpython journey. Currently, I am on Day 18 you can check it out on my Twitter page.

My Day 1 of #100daysofpython was actually based on installing Anaconda(Jupyter Notebook), which was my first workspace editor before switching to the VSCode which is highly recommendable.

So, I'll be dropping a couple of materials and links that I am using as a guide to learning python.

1.Automate The Boring Stuff With Python by Al Asweigart (My Favorite)
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Download Link:

2. Fluent Python by Luciano Ramalho
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Download Link:

3. Learn Python The Hard Way by Zed Shaw
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Download Link:

4. w3schools
Download Link:

Here are three important things, I've learnt so far:

  1. Don't be afraid of Google and Youtube. Browse!Browse!! Browse!!! your life out if you're stuck.
  2. Practice little tasks every day.
  3. Be patient.

I hope you find this useful🙂.

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This is wonderful, and very inspiring to me bcos I am also learning a programming language


I’m glad for found it helpful! We move💪🏽


Cool...you are relentless though. Keep it up...
Thanks for the sauce🤓


Thanks for sharing your experience thus far.


Way to go
Looking forward to seeing more from you
Keep it up!!


Wow. This is insightful. Well done.


Weldone dear...
I'll visit this space every day to learn with you