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Announcing Escape The Loop; The Hackathon

Announcing Escape the Loop; The Hackathon on Dev

We are extremely thrilled to announce - Escape the Loop 2020.

This competition is a great opportunity for undergraduates of the University of Colombo, School of Computing to tap into their creativity and build impactful projects and win exciting prices!
We are looking forward to seeing all the innovative creations brought out by our undergraduates.

Read on for more of the details!
Seriously, Keep reading!

Theme 🎭

Escape the Loop 2020 brings the themes Retro or Cyberpunk to the table. You can refer to the following projects to get an idea about the theme.

Example 01 :
Recyclomedia - A vintage inspired digital platform that allows its users to engage in events related to preventing pollution in the world. (Events like beach clean up, community gathering, and workshops are notified)

Example 02 :
Ghost Rigger - Cyberpunk-inspired puzzle game set in a dystopian future.

Example 03 :
Flame and Watch - A recreation of the retro, nostalgic, Game and Watch console

Prizes 🎁

We will be choosing a winner, 1st runners up and 2nd runners up! Try your best to get there!

Additionally, all the participants of the competition with a valid project will be receiving a certificate of participation.

How To Participate πŸ‘‹

In order to submit a valid project, please follow the submission process and rules closely.

How to submit πŸ“¨

  1. Visit the Official Hackcktoberfest Website and get yourself registered.
  2. Then go to UCSC Hacktoberfest 2020 Event Page and reserve your spot.
  3. Once you complete step 1 and step 2, You are officially signed up Document your project journey along the way with the #ucschf2020 tag. Submit your project as a DEV post using this suggested template here. (The template will be in Markdown format) Please be sure to include the code repository in the post. Embedded live demos, screenshots, and code snippets are also encouraged!
  4. Go to UCSC Mozilla club website and fill in the form and confirm your submission.

Schedule πŸ“…

October 22nd 00.00AM - Hackathon Starts
October 26th 11.59PM - Deadline for Submissions
October 27th 7.00PM to 9.00PM - Pitching Round 1
October 28th 7.00PM to 9.00PM - Pitching Round 2
October 29th 7.00PM to 9.00PM - Pitching Round 3
October 30th 10.00AM - Winner Announcement

Additional Rules πŸ“

  • Your code must be hosted publicly on Github .
  • Your repository must have a README with clear setup instructions - here is a sample template.
  • Your project must be started and completed between October 22nd - October 26th.
  • Your code must be licensed with a permissive license (i.e. MIT, Apache-2)
  • Your project should not have security vulnerabilities or violate security best practices (i.e. hard coded credentials, plain text passwords)
  • By making a submission, you agree to the competition's terms.

Resources πŸ‘‹

All contestants are encouraged to utilize the services provided in the GitHub Student Developer pack

Community Support πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

The Escape The Loop team will be available to guide you through-out the competition on issues, concerns or inquiries related to the competition. You can simply drop a message on the Facebook Group here and connect with a support team member who will then assist you further. This will be a good opportunity for undergraduates to not only clarify their doubts on the competition, but also engage with the fellow participants.

We hope you have a fun experience, gain new knowledge, and build something you’re proud of. We can’t wait to see what you build!

Happy Coding!

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