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What inspired you to become a web developer?

What inspired you to pursue this career path? Was it a love of coding or just a knack for debugging? Maybe you were drawn in by the allure of programming languages - who can resist the siren call of Python or Java? Or perhaps it was the promise of a steady stream of bugs to squash that had you hooked.

Whatever your reason, I'm sure you've encountered your fair share of errors along the way. But remember, as a developer, you have the power to turn those bugs into features! So keep calm and code on, and don't forget to share your favorite programming puns in the comments below. After all, who doesn't love a good play on words?

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Ben Halpern

When I was a kid, I wanted to be "an inventor" β€” I didn't totally put it together, but that's the path I chose.

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Randall • Edited

I didn't start as a web developer. When I was in school, I got into game mod programming because I loved video games and really looked up to the cool people who were able to build them, or build mods for them. I started by making things for Second Life and Garry's Mod. I did some web development at the time in JavaScript and PHP, but that was secondary to me and I didn't get good at it.

After I graduated university, I started as a mobile developer at a mainly C# shop. We used Xamarin to write mobile apps in C#. From there I went on to writing Windows desktop applications, also in C#.

During that time I got into open source. At the time Node.js was very much at a hype-cycle peak, and I felt attracted to its ecosystem, and used it to build some open source projects. I also built some websites and learned React. Some of those things I could have built with C#, but JavaScript was much more in style in the open source community, driven by the great NPM package ecosystem and ease of sharing code. During this time I also got interested in databases.

At some point I decided I wanted to go and be either a full stack web developer or a backend developer (I'm a bit less hot about frontend). I applied to a bunch of jobs, and even though I didn't have a lot of work experience doing web development, most interviewers seemed interested in my open source stuff and willing to give me a chance. There was one funny situation where a company used HackerRank to initially screen applicants. The recruiter said something like "nobody with less than 3 years of backend experience passes it, but we would love to talk to you again further down the line!". I asked if I may take the test anyway, and they agreed, and I scored 100% and wound up getting an offer from them for a senior backend position ;) Ultimately I accepted a senior full-stack position with another company and now I am officially a web developer!

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Bernd Wechner • Edited

I don't think I was ever inspired to... I just had things that needed doing or I wanted to do that, in time, involved the world wide web... I've been with it since it began, with a home page in simple HTML from about 1995 or 6. But was on the Usenet prior and contributing a little to nn, my favourite news reader of the day.