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React Practice Project for Beginner to Advance

Many developers or beginners just learn all the fundamentals concepts but they don't implement those concepts. So Projects are one of the best ways to implement those concepts.

Here are some projects which are defined by level.

  • Beginner Projects (React Basics)
  • Intermediate Projects (Beyond Basics)
  • Advance Projects (Optimization)

Beginner (React Basics)

So here you just have to focus on basics concepts of React such as Basic Hooks (useState and useEffect), Props, Incline Styling, Forms, and JSX. Take your time and just understand these concepts in detail. After that practice given below projects ideas.

1. Simple Counter App
2. Calculator App
3. Todo App
4. Weather API App
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Intermediate (Beyond Basics)

First of all, appreciate yourself as you're consistent and now you're on the intermediate level.

Building the understanding of basic concepts boosts your confidence to make some little but complex applications. Here you will understand the state management of your entire application also you will learn about the life cycle of components.

1. Blog App
2. Resume Builder App
3. Management App
4. Score Board App
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Advance (Optimization)

Alright Alright Alright, you're near to conqueror React.

Now if you are at this level then you have already gotten the idea about how these applications can be made. However, remember at this point you should have to build these applications in an optimized way.

You have to write much more structured as well as maintainable code. Keep in mind how very well your application work while scaling or handling concurrent users at a time.

1. Online Trading App 
2. Ecommerce App
3. Productivity App
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Wrapping Up

I would like say that after conquerored React also maintain consistency for your entire developer journey. Learn new things and keep up to date yourself with current industry tech stacks.

Let me know if you found this post helpful!
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Naiche Young

Thank you!

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Raja Genupula

Similar to this can you write a blog post on Angular.js and Vue.js Please.
With components that needs be learned and along with exercises from beginner to advanced.

Thank you.