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Mr. Unity Buddy
Mr. Unity Buddy

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My Journey From Nothing to Game Designer

Hello, buddies!! Today is something special for me, it's my Birthday πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ So, I was thinking about what should I write on this day and someone from myself told me "Why don't you write about your first Hello, World?"


30 MPD Gaming πŸ₯΄

Almost every game designer is a Gamer(It's a must!). So it was the same with me but I played games only for 30 minutes, maximumly, 1 hour. I know, I know a normal person plays a video game for at least 2 hours. The reason with me wasn't that I'm not interested in Gaming, but I had a lot, I mean a really lot of studies and work to do. Besides, I can't play well-performing games on my old windows 8 laptop.

But I never wanted to be a Game Designer, even though I love video games. I was just a simple buddy who have never heard of C#, Game Engines, Github, etc. One day, everything was changed. I can't remember why I was forced to watch Brackey's Cube Run tutorial, maybe I watched it for fun. But that's the day my real-life got started!

Making the First ever Game

On the same day that I watched Brackey's tutorial, I got a Unity ID and installed Unity and other stuff. Must say that it took me a day to set up Projects with my Old windows 8. But I still wonder that how I was able to install Unity on my machine.

To be honest, my first piece of code wasn't Hello, World; it was public Rigidbody Rb; πŸ˜‹

I started to make an actual copy of the Cube Run game but I changes the concept a little bit, actually a lot in the middle of the project.
This is a very, very simple game that can be made in a day. But trust me, it took me 2 months to finish this. I learned so many things and I still believe that it wasn't a waste of time, never! I found a community, I learned how to get used to resources around me, and most importantly, a bug that wasted your day may get fixed on the next day without any effort! πŸ›

OnTriggerEnter πŸ˜†

I often experience this so I never forgot this bug.

OnTriggerEnter function is used to do something when the Player passes through a trigger. So simply, it was not working. I put Debug.Logs, used similar somewhat similar functions to see whether it is a problem with physics or something. And tried to get help from experts even.

They told me different things like "you might as well check the collision matrix", "You should first put a debug.log outside of the if so you know if the problem is with the od part or the ontriggrenter part" and so many things!

Bruh πŸ˜‘

None of them suggested turning on Mesh Renderer :(


Yeah, it can't collide with the Trigger if it is above the Player 😏

Finding a Niche

As a typical absolute beginner, I wanted to make a game that will become a trend and have Millions of downloads! So, I thought that a game like a COD will help me.

I tried to make a simple FPS game from a Unity Template. After 2 or 3 days of playing with it, I realized that FPS isn't for me.

By those days, I attended Unity's Create with Code live sessions and they taught me to make a good RPG game. Wow, that's so easy! I will make this for sure.

So I played some time with RPG games as well. Though they are easy to understand than FPS games, I found that was Boring for me and I don't have a passion for RPG.

Meanwhile, my first game has been played by near about 200 Unity devs and I got good feedback as it was my first ever game. And One day, A Hyper-casual game studio asked me to join their team as a 1st Tier Developer. And boom, they said my game has a good Hyper-casual look. Why didn't I think about Hyper-Casual!!

It was only about 2 and a half months I have started with Unity but I didn't want to miss this chance πŸ€“

First-ever Colloboration

They were using Github for collab as usual but I was troubling what an erratic thing is this! Of course, they got confused when I said I don't know Github but I just told them that I have only used Unity's itself Collab feature and it went OK.


Fortunately, the team lead was kind enough to teach me about this and how to set it up. Although I didn't understand how it exactly works, I got it after a few days!

The Game

It was half-made a one. We had to do a lot of things, Shop, Leaderboard, Power-ups, Bug fixes, and a lot! But I didn't find it stressful just because our team had at least 2 people in almost every role! Head Programmers, 1st Tier Devs, 2nd Tier Devs, 3D modelers, Sound artists, Testers, etc. Every task is divided and it was my baby steps to Project Management and Marketing.


By the time that we finished and published the game, I left them because it didn't seem official anymore. A few members were joined and they are thinking everyone is the same as them or something and the real-talented people left the team. I didn't think that I should be there anymore.

Fortunately, I got another offer from a Great team to work with them as a Content Creator! I hope this is gonna be better than before 🀞

Good-Bye, Unity, will see you again! πŸ‘‹

And yeah, I'm gonna take a little break from the game design, just because I got a new role to work with I think this is gonna be the same with writing future but I try my best to manage them all. Just don't think I'm giving up haha ✌

And that's all for now. Thanks a lot for reading this self-centered article. Goodbye and happy coding! See you soon πŸ˜‰

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