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How to check if Number is Float in JS

Usually we check types in javascript by using typeOf method but javascript doesn't support float type so it return a Number when you check a type of float number.
Like: typeOf(4.56) = Number

How to check if number is float or not in JS:

   function isFloat(n){
      return Number(n) === n && n % 1 !== 0;

If the mod of a number divided by 1 is not equal to zero then it must a float number.

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Justin Mitchell • Edited on

This doesn't validate if the specific type is a float. In fact, JS has no concept of floats, it only has the singular concept of number, so what you're really testing here is if the value is an whole number (int) or a decimal (double).

All JS numbers are doubles; 64 bit double precision floating point numbers.

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Tony B

I agree 99.9% :)

That is right in terms of storage, but it certainly has a 'concept' of integers - being any number with no decimal places. That's why the documentation to functions like parseInt tell you it returns an 'integer'. It is a concept in the language, but just a concept, used when doing bitwise operations or calling methods that strip the decimal places.

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in Javascript you can use this :


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