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Just launched UpStamps on ProductHunt 🚀

UpStamps Demo

What is UpStamps?

UpStamps is a Feature Flag Management Platform that lets you manage every feature with a central visibility and control user interface. Teams and developers are managing their projects using feature management to progressively deliver features to users with confidence.

UpStamps helps you test in production without deployments and offers easy to use SDKs and Components for development teams to quickly build and deploy applications.

Key Features:

Create Projects:

Integrate different Feature Flags across multiple projects and manage across the web, mobile, and server-side applications.

Organize by Environments:

Separate features deployment across different environments and control their feature lifecycles.
Easily Deploy with Feature & Remote Flags:

Use flags to test faster in Production, eliminating the risk by maintaining control of the deployments. Use Remote Flags to change in real-time behavior of features through response data.

Run A/B Tests:

Use A/B Tests to randomized experiments with two variants and compare them with the user's response. Decide by your user's feedback which variant is more effective to launch.
Target Specific Segments:

Control who has access to new features with Segments and define Targets based on Users Device or Location.

Why I created UpStamps?

Why did I create UpStamps? In the projects where I work professionally, I started to notice a fear of launching new features for production. The old method delayed the launch of new features and this was not even the most relevant point. Sometimes there were situations where it was necessary to have certain features in production for specific users and we (the developers) had to use localStorage and variables to manipulate the visibility of the feature, then we always had to work on the code to disable or activate it.

So I developed a simple platform to help teams and developers to launch production features more confidently

Let me know what you think and comment below if you’d like! ❤️

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