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Looking for a multi-tenants CMS

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I'm looking for a CMS/BackOffice/Admin site to help me manage my multiple B2B customers.

Our needs are:

  • Providing a backoffice to our customers, where each user can connect to its own tenant and access its tenant's data only.
  • The backoffice must be generated automatically from a data structure (db schema for instance)
  • An API must be generated automatically from the data structure (allows to consume the data from web apps, mobiles, etc.)
  • Ideally, this API would be a GraphQL server because that's what we use already.
  • Advanced permissions and roles for internal users, basically need to configure who can view which tables, or has update/delete permissions on which tables. It must be flexible and non-blocking for our business evolution/future needs
  • The backoffice needs to be flexible about UI components/views so that we can create our own workflows, views and components.
  • Theming capabilities of the backoffice, per tenant, would nice to have.

I've been looking for quite some time but none of my findings were satisfying.

Strapi is close but doesn't support anything related to multi tenancy, also permissions aren't as flexible as what we're looking for.

Any suggestion?

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Vadorequest Author

I've discovered which is really, really great. I was really impressed by this OSS product, its quality is a great example of what OSS can build.

It also has a managed Cloud version with a fair price, no vendor lock-in and provide access to all features regardless of the plan.

I'm currently studying it in-depth to see if it fits my needs. It's multi-tenants friendly but I still have some concerns.

Alternatively, I'm looking at which provides similar features. It provides a multi-tenants-first approach.

Both tools were recommended by an experimented developer of Django JET:

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Eulier Gonzalez

This is something i'm looking aswell. Going to ask for directus and frappe support team. If i know some others tools/platforms, i'll let you know!. Thanks for this!

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Vadorequest Author

Strapi is another possibility. But anyway, it's tough to choose, and it requires quite a lot of time investment to decide which tool suits your needs the best, while keeping in mind they'll eventually evolve.

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Liu Yu Zhou

Strapi doesn't support multi-tenants, I asked to Strapi workspace admin and he replied me it will be available in 2022 or 2023. Wordpress is the best alternative!

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Jukka-Pekka Keisala

Seems like this post is a bit old but I bump here as I was also looking Strapi but found out it is lacking currently multitenancy. Though, seems like it is on Unders Consideration in their roadmap.
Did you find good multi-tenant CMS?

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Anyone used Frappay? Because that framework is frustrating