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Top 20 Websites Which Are Built Using AngularJS 2.0 To 5.0

Top 20 Websites Built Using AngularJS

The AngularJS websites are everywhere. Right from the time of its release in the year 2009 till date, it is a standout amongst the most prevalent frameworks around the web that you can enlist as a developer located in any part of the world.

AngularJS is a phenomenal front-end JavaScript structure for building single-page web based applications. Similarly, to the rich standard library, it offers a pack of customized expansions. In addition, it has a community of developers and contributors who are always there to support and help you in tough times.

Here are a few websites built using AngularJS.

1. DoubleClick by Google - While Google is the designer of AngularJS, it was simply a question of time when they decided to use a JavaScript structure for one of their own possessed products. There is no denying that how huge, intricate and substantial the DoubleClick by Google is. Moreover, it is the stage for multiple businesses that run millions and millions of advertisements every day. A few years back who knew it was built using the amazing AngularJS.

2. Netflix is an American service provider, which facilitates customers to watch online movies and daily soaps on different gadgets. Among the fundamental highlights, Netflix is the expansive database of serials and movies of whose legitimate contents available to view in ultra-high definition or 4K. The team at Netflix used AngularJS as the frontend tool and the backend needs were satisfied by technologies like Python and Flask.

3. Weather is another acclaimed AngularJS illustration. This online form of The Weather Channel offers the great degree of angular conjecture. As indicated by SimilarWeb, is one of the best 5 most went by climate sites on the planet. In addition, it positioned among the best six news and data destinations. In 2016, developers were asked to build the Weather website all over again and this time around they used Drupal as CMS with Symfony2 components. Thus Angular came as a savior.

4. Lego is the producer of plastic development toys that was established in Denmark back in 1949. While Lego site propelled in 1996, it has undergone change quite a few times and now AngularJS developers have been handed over the task. Lego Company ensuring the publicity of Star Wars Rebels mini-series constructed manual poster creator device. It enables any client to make his or her own intuitive publication on Star Wars topic. While it's anything but a monstrous adaptable AngularJS web application, it is as yet a decent case of Angular undertaking.

5. PayPal is a standout amongst the most powerfully created electronic payment frameworks around the world. It works in more than 200 nations and within excess of 25 monetary forms. It is a well-known name in specialist groups and is thought to be an ideal method to pay and get cash in. The PayPal site is produced with AngularJS and it is one of the best went by destinations on the Internet planet.

6. The Guardian, a world-celebrated British news service, is one of the first class online daily papers in Great Britain. With more than 42M website visitors, it topped the top five list of most widely read across the globe in 2014. The site is executed as an AngularJS application.

7. ING is a multinational finance and budgetary service, looked for choices to make a typical interface for several pages and web applications. While they don't utilize clean AngularJs, they ended up using SpectINGular framework and hybrid libraries from Angular in the core.

These are the top seven from the list of websites that were built using the popular AngularJS. Below is a list of the few other, 13 to be precise, websites created via AngularJS.

  1. Brilliant Earth (Angular JS 1.2 32)
  2. Copa Airlines (AngularJS 1.4.14)
  3. TAP Air Portugal (AngularJS 1.6.4)
  4. Hello Design Thinking (AngularJS 1.5.3)
  5. Skout (AngularJS 1.3. 15)
  6. (AngularJS 1.1.5)
  7. Fitbit community (AngularJS 1.4.8)
  8. IEEE Xplore Digital Library (AngularJS 1.5.11)
  10. *JPMorgan Chase and Co. Jobs and Internships (AngularJS 1.4.1)
  11. ABC News (AngularJS 1.2.16)
  12. SanDisk (AngularJS 1.4.3)
  13. Trello Developers (AngularJS 1.3.20)

To wrap things up, AngularJS is really an exceptional platform, if utilized in the correct manner. As evident from the above listed websites, how efficient as well as effective AngularJS is when it comes to developing web apps. It is also beneficial for websites that only have a single page. It can serve the purpose of owning an amazing online platform to connect with your clients in an efficacious manner. So if you are looking to get your business website built, you must get associated with an experienced AngularJS development company or lookout for a freelance AngularJS developer to get the needful done. AngularJS is evolving and so should your business.

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Great list of AngularJS apps, Vaibhav!

We wanted to recommend our app for addition to the list. It's the leading property analysis platform for real estate investors, agents and entrepreneurs. It's used by over 100,000 to quickly analyze investment properties, perform financial projections and find the best real estate deals.

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Daniel Willis

Convention is that Angular v1.x is referred to as 'AngularJS', while Angular 2+ is just 'Angular'.
I noticed that despite the subheading of the article, the use of 'AngularJS' in this article has confused one commenter.

pppdns profile image
Denes Papp

You clearly are not an Angular developer if you confuse Angular with AngularJS. They are 2 completely different frameworks. Why write an article in a topic you are not familiar with? You only confuse others who don't know the topic. Angular is the most advanced frontend framework these days while AngularJS is a legacy framework from more than 5 years ago

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Alexander Kim

Netflix is written on React.

jpalala profile image
jose palala

SSR yeah, but they rewrote the other parts to vanilla JS

zvikawais profile image
zvikawais was built with angular 11

jwp profile image
John Peters

To bad for them, Angulajs was the single most mistake of the century. The new Angular is the way to go. Or of course React.