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Vaidehi Joshi
Vaidehi Joshi

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Trees & Binary Search Trees — BaseCS Video Series

"As soon as the data structure lightbulb goes off in your head, it’s really hard to not see data structures every which way that you look!"

This video describes the what and the why of trees and binary search trees. We break down why these concepts are fascinating, and why they're important to understand for your software development career.

The topics are based on concepts introduced in these previous posts:

I hope you enjoy! Feel free to continue the discussion in the comments.

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Top comments (6)

nickpolyder profile image
Nick Polyderopoulos

I Tried to watch your series but around the middle of the video i always get an error from the player and the visual is lost. I can still hear the sound but no visual.

Did you had any similar issues ? If yes how did you solve them ?

Thanks a lot

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Hmm possible playback issue. Can you try and see if it's any better now?

nickpolyder profile image
Nick Polyderopoulos • Edited

Hmmm the same issue happens.
I have attached a photo of the problem i face.

jvel777 profile image
Jesus Velazquez • Edited

After so many years in IT on the systems / networking side but never coding / programming, I found this presentation to be a wonderful introduction as well as explanation on the workings of binary search trees. Bravo!!!

juliusgio09 profile image

Nice video, Now I'm learning more about Tree & Binary search tree stuffs. But on this post u mention binary search tree can be use efficiently on balanced tree. But the question is, how to search on unbalanced tree?